The HCV Assessor Licensing Scheme

The High Conservation Value (HCV) Approach is widely used for identifying, managing and monitoring the most important environmental and social values in forestry and agricultural production. As a result, more and more practitioners are undertaking HCV assessments (the process in which HCVs are identified) in a wide variety of countries and contexts. However, until now there had been very little assurance of the competence of the professionals undertaking these assessments, which resulted in considerable variability in quality.

To address this issue, the HCV Resource Network (HCVRN) Secretariat, with support from its Members and various stakeholders, developed the Assessor Licensing Scheme (ALS).

The ALS promotes more consistent implementation of the HCV approach through:

a) Licensing assessors to lead HCV assessments (or integrated HCV-HCSA assessments); 

b) Providing Licensed Assessors with standardized rules, manuals and templates, and

C) Monitoring their performance by evaluating the quality of their assessment reports.