Arthur Wieczorek

Licensed assessor
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Licensed assessor since 1 December 2014

Assessor performance

6 Satisfactory Reports. 2 at first submission. 4 at second submission. Qualified to lead HCV and HCV-HCSA assessments.


Arthur Wieczorek is Ecologist, MSc in Geosciences and Environment and PhD student in Environmental Science (High Carbon Stock and GHG emissions in Palm Oil industry). Arthur has 8 years experience in SEIA for agricultural commodities, O&G industry and infrastructure. Arthur has carried out biodiversity, hydrology and soil surveys, related with agriculture; environmental risk assessment for O&G industry, and EIA for infrastructure sector. Arthur has received training in HCV and auditor for sustainable palm oil certification (RSPO). Arthur has been carrying out SEIA and HCV assessment mainly for the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification scheme, for palm oil companies in Brazil since 2008, He's a RSPO/HCV team leader assessor since 2012. He's been leading an interdisciplinary team of biologists, ecologists and geographers on the ground. The main HCV projects developed are: SEIA and HCV assessment for new palm oil plantings of Agropalma S.A. in 2008; SEIA and HCV assessment for new palm oil plantings of smallholders partners of Agropalma in 2012, mapping of palm oil production in Northeast of Pará, Brazil, 2011; SEIA/HCV assessment of new palm oil plantings and smallholders for Belem Bioenergia (Petrobras/GALP) in 2012; SEIA/HCV assessment for new palm oil plantings of own production and smallholders partners of ADM-Brasil in 2012-2014; HCV assessment in landscape-level of Agropalma palm oil production in Northeast of Pará, Brazil, from 2013-2014, including Agropalma own areas, stakeholders and smallholders suppliers; review of HCV assessment of new palm oil plantations of Industria Aceitera de las RAAS, Nicaragua in 2014. He has participated in the translation from English-Portuguese of the common guidance for the identification of High Conservation Values (Brown et al., 2014) in 2014, and in the Simplified HCV approach for smallholders pilot project in Brazil (project SHARP/Proforest) in 2014.


, Participatory rural appraisal, Participatory mapping , GIS, Remote sensing
Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)


South America


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