The Assessor Licensing Scheme (ALS) aims to provide a reasonable degree of quality assurance about the performance of licensed assessors (a Licensee) as follows:

  1. Screening applicants for knowledge and experience
  2. Assessing provisional licence holders for evidence of competence
  3. Ongoing monitoring of the performance of full licence holders for compliance with good practice as defined by HCVRN and use of templates provided by HCVRN
  4. Stakeholder scrutiny of public summaries of assessment reports
  5. A dispute resolution procedure

However, the ALS does not set out to guarantee the quality of an assessor's work. Such a guarantee would require independent field investigations of each HCV assessment undertaken by Licensees, something that is not a provision of the ALS. Therefore neither the HCV Resource Network (HCVRN) nor the HCVRN Secretariat, accepts any liability, whatsoever, for the assessment reports, the public summaries nor the work of independent peer reviewers who are listed, for the convenience of assessors, on the ALS website.