Fundraising is vital for not-for-profit organisations like ours. The HCV Network Secretariat currently relies on several income streams to implement work to protect ecosystems, biodiversity and the needs of local communities and indigenous peoples globally.

We are looking for an experienced consultant who can help us win donations and grants to cover key aspects of our 2030 Roadmap, which covers work related to quality assurance, learning opportunities, tools and guidance, and improving technical support to ensure robust implementation of the HCV methodology in all ecosystems (land-based, aquatic), scales (local, regional, national), and development contexts (forestry, agribusiness, other).

We would like someone who can support us with several tasks,including:

·       Expanding our funder database and network

·       Pursuing funding opportunities

·       Donor relationship-building

·       Writing fundraising proposals

·       Adequately communicating our projects and programmes, among other.

If you are interested in supporting us, please download the Terms of Reference for this work.