• Assessor Licensing Scheme

    How can I get involved?
    Does the ALS communicate with organizations commissioning assessments?
    Where is the final report published?
    Where can I track the status of a report evaluation?
    What determines if an assessment report is satisfactory or unsatisfactory?
    Are ‘Delays’ common? Why do they happen?
    What are ‘Delays’ and where can I find out if there are any?
    How long do report evaluations take?
    What are the report evaluation stages and why do they exist?
    Do HCSA ‘Advice Notes’ introduce new requirements?
    How are technical queries related to the HCS Approach handled?
    Are all Licensed Assessors qualified to lead HCV-HCSA assessments?
    Why does the ALS evaluate HCV-HCSA assessment reports?
    What is an HCV-HCSA assessment?
    What kinds of assessment reports does the ALS evaluate?
    Why does the number of assessors vary across regions?
    Who can be a Licensed Assessor?
    Are Licensed Assessors required to submit all assessment reports for evaluation? Why?
    How is the ALS funded?
    Where does the ALS work best?
    What is the added value of the ALS?
    Who uses the ALS?
    Who governs the Assessor Licensing Scheme (ALS)?
  • HCVs and the HCV Approach

    Where can the HCV Approach be applied?
    Who is responsible for protecting High Conservation Values?
    Can HCV assessments be done jointly with ESIAs?
    What is an HCV assessment?
    Who uses it?
    How old is it?
    Why is it useful?
    What is the HCV Approach?
    What are High Conservation Values – HCVs?
  • Network

    How are Members categorized?
    Who can join the Network?
    Who governs the HCV Network?
    What does the Network do?
    When was it created?
    What is it?
  • No-Conversion and No-Deforestation

    Does the HCV approach allow conversion of natural ecosystems?
    What forests are protected under the HCV Approach?
  • Secretariat

    Is the Secretariat setup as a charity?
    How is the Secretariat funded?
    Where is the Secretariat based?
    What does the Secretariat do?

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The Network is always looking for partners who are interested in supporting our work, for talented professionals who can join the growing Secretariat team, and for professionals who can lead assessments globally.

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