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The HCV Resource Network brings together users of the HCV approach

For more than 15 years, identifying, managing and monitoring High Conservation Values (HCV) has been a key step towards achieving certification from major forestry and agricultural commodity standard schemes. 

HCV requirements are also included in the policies of major financial institutions and banks, and in the procurement policies and sustainability committments of global private sector organisations. 


The HCV approach

nullLearn more about the six HCVs and their identification and management.

About the Network

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Recent news and updates

Towards integrating HCS, HCV and FPIC decision-making

Publication A practitioners workshop explored ways to make HCV, HCS and FPIC work well in practice

Building capacity for HCV assessments in Latin America

News HCV Assessor Training Course is held in Guatemala

Taking High Conservation Value from Forests to Freshwaters

Publication Though the HCV approach originated in forestry and focused on terrestrial flora and fauna, most production activities have an important impact on freshwater systems