The HCV Network provides an online, self-paced Refresher Course in English for those who have completed the previous lead assessor training. The course includes updates on ALS procedures and the updated HCV-HCS Assessment Manual (published in June 2023).

Free Refresher Course for Recent Training Participants

  • If you completed lead assessor training within the 12 months prior to the Manual update, we're offering you a free refresher course
  • Act fast, as this is a limited-time offer until 02 July 2024. Don't miss the chance to refresh your knowledge and skills.

Paid Refresher Course for Training Participants

  • If your lead assessor training was completed more than 12 months before the Manual updates and you plan to apply for a license, you can opt for a paid refresher course ($350).

The HCVN QA team have contacted all past training participants for more details. Alternatively, you can register by following this registration link.

For any other training queries, please email