Paulina Villalpando, HCV Network's Executive Director participated in the VII Latin American RSPO Conference which took place from June 4th-6th in Cali, Colombia

The event, which was jointly organised by RSPO and Colombian palm oil trade association FEDEPALMA, was attended by participants from 20 countries across Latin America, Asia, Europe and North America. During three days of fruitful work, the participants reflected on 10 years of RSPO presence in Latin America.On June 4th, HCV Network's Executive Director imparted a side session on the High Conservation Value concept and HCV assessment requirements in the RSPO standard. She also introduced the concept of HCV-HCS assessments to a group of Licensed HCV Assessors, RSPO members and other stakeholders such as local NGO representatives.Ms Villalpando also imparted a plenary session on the use of the High Conservation Value concept in the RSPO standard and the importance of working towards an environmentally and socially responsible oil palm sector in Latin America. During her presentation she reiterated the crucial role of companies in helping achieve conservation objectives on the ground.