The workshop, hosted by Proforest in Accra, Ghana, followed shortly after the launch of the HCV Screening Guide. The objective of the workshop was to bring local partners together to discuss tools for applying the HCV and HCS Approaches in landscape or jurisdictional initiatives.

The workshop was attended by experts from the Resource Trust, Conservation Alliance, A Rocher, and Daemeter, as well as experts from Proforest’s Africa region and global offices. Participants already had a good understanding of the HCV and HCS Approaches, as well as landscape initiatives and public-private partnerships with zero-deforestation commitments.

Discussions held during the workshop highlighted the need for:

  • 1) more communication and outreach on the HCV and HCS Approaches, in particular for governments;
  • 2) practical guidelines for prioritising landscape or jurisdictional-level HCV management and monitoring interventions; and
  • 3) examples of HCV screenings being used in landscape or jurisdictional initiatives.