Happy Holidays from the HCVN Secretariat Team!

As the sun sets in 2023 and rises on a new year, on behalf of the HCVN Secretariat team, I want to wish you, our partners, best wishes for a wonderful festive season. 

2023 has been a big year for the Network.  

  • We launched an exciting new roadmap for 2030 that articulates our high-level vision for the next 7 years. 
  • We evolved our governance and membership model to be more inclusive and collaborative.
  • We welcomed 6 new members (Earthworm Global, GPSNR, Gaia Eko Daya Buana, Kaleka, SEARRP, and the Wilderness Society Australia).
  • We developed nine Principles to guide stakeholder use and promotion of the HCV Approach.
  • The Secretariat has expanded into new continents (Africa, my home), new platforms (Biodiversity Credit Alliance, led by our new head of policy), new scales (especially landscapes and jurisdictions, led by a new landscapes team and working in multiple countries including Bhutan, the Philippines, Republic of Congo, Malaysia and Indonesia) and new HCV implementation areas (including smallholders and nature-based farming).
  • Our quality assurance team verified the identification of an additional 43,000 hectares for management of HCVs this year, totaling 750,000 hectares (of a total of 2,35m hectares assessed) since 2015.
  • The Secretariat’s long-standing Global Director, Paulina Villalpando, passed the leadership baton to me.

And we’re only getting started!

Our network sits at the nexus between climate, nature and people. As seen at COP 28, there has never been greater global support for nature and social stewardship as a climate solution. As an entity that connects bottom-up, local action with global priorities, we are well-positioned to scale our investment in this area.

Leveraging our members’ 20 years of collective, on-the-ground experience protecting High Conservation Values, other key priorities for 2024 include:  

  • Evolving the membership model to improve the value proposition for members.
  • Strengthening collaboration within our network, and working more closely with our members at multiple points on their respective HCV journeys.
  • Growing our profile and engagement across emerging standards and platforms that are key levers for scaling positive impact for HCVs.
  • Developing guidance and tools for field-level implementation of global nature commitments.
  • Becoming more results-driven by developing a 3-year strategy into which the Secretariat’s annual business plans and performance indicators will dovetail.
  • Improving our HCV data management systems and tools.
  • Diversifying our income streams, whilst remaining true to our core mission and our ultimate clients: nature and people.
  • The Secretariat’s long-standing Global Director, Paulina Villalpando, passed the leadership baton to me

I’m excited, and hope you are too. 

As an ecosystem-level organisation, our heart beats through the collective and collaborative inputs and actions of our members and partners. 

We are strengthened, not weakened, by our diversity. 

May 2024 be a year in which we collectively achieve far more than any of us would alone. 

With gratitude and best wishes,
Belinda and the Secretariat team