On May 4th, 2022, the Management Committee decided to phase out the Supporter and Advisor membership categories.

In 2014, when membership was first introduced, three categories for joining the Network were created: Members, Supporters and Advisors. The decision to phase out the Supporter and Advisor categories was largely administrative.

The Network would like to thank the following organizations for being Supporters of the Network throughout the years:

Andreas Knoell Consulting

Casa da Floresta

Kulim Malaysia Berhard


Nativa Meio Ambiente

Sime Darby

The Biodiversity Consultancy

The Wilderness Society Australia


Wilmar International

Zoological Society of London

The Secretariat reached out to all Supporters throughout 2022 to invite them to join as Members from January 1st, 2023, onwards. The Network is thrilled that several Supporters will be staying on board as Members and sincerely hopes the rest will re-join our flanks in the near future.