Issues like deforestation, habitat conversion, land rights and rural development cannot be effectively addressed on a case-by-case basis; instead, they are often best considered across whole landscapes or jurisdictions. The six HCV definitions (covering both environmental and social values) map very effectively onto global priorities such as the Sustainable Development Goals and biodiversity targets. Working in landscapes enables HCV Network to have a greater impact on HCV protection and to contribute to global goals.

The Secretariat is looking for a well-qualified and highly motivated Project Manager who can help implement and further develop our landscapes and jurisdictional workstream. This will include:

  • Working with and building on the HCV Screening tool which was developed by the HCV Network in 2019 to prioritize HCVs in landscapes and jurisdictions.
  • Helping to track the impact of large-scale HCV mapping efforts, developing additional tools to help people interpret HCV maps and move from screening results to management actions.
  • Developing guidance and tools for ensuring that social HCVs are included in landscape work.
  • Finding synergies between HCVN work and those of other landscape and jurisdictional initiatives.

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