Over 20 years ago the HCV Approach broke new boundaries by bringing conservation practice into land intensive sectors. In the HCV Network, our combined effort - as a 30+ member based organization - helps conserve nature and benefit people where commodities are produced. One of our biggest achievements is the global recognition of the HCV Approach as part of responsible development; being part of >20 voluntary sustainability schemes and hundreds of corporate policies and commitments, including in the finance sector. But we must continue to evolve and identify workable solutions to protect all types of HCVs, built on learning and collaboration with our network and wider stakeholders.

Today, there is far greater recognition of the urgent need to halt and reverse the ongoing loss of nature by 2030. The time is ripe to take stock of what has been achieved over the last two decades, revisit the HCV Network’s Vision and Mission, and build our strategy to ensure the HCV Approach best contributes to achieving the necessarily ambitious global goals and targets for nature, climate and people.

Photo credit: CIFOR
We envision a world where production to meet human needs conserves nature, benefits people and respects their rights.

Our Mission is to provide practical tools to conserve nature and benefit people where commodities are produced, linking local actions with global sustainability targets.

The HCV Network 2030 Roadmap, which can be downloaded here, sets out the four strategic pillars and key actions directing the Secretariat team and our Members towards achieving this Vision.

We want to help those using the HCV Approach to get the scope, ambition and level of implementation consistent to ensure HCVs are robustly identified and protected, and to feel satisfied their investment in this work is being recognised and valued. Through strategic support, better implementation, and more focus on management and monitoring, the contribution of investments to impact goals at local, national, regional and even global level can be better realised.

For more information about how to get involved, please email us at secretariat@hcvnetwork.org.